OK I think I got this!!!!!!!

Hi Everyone.

Oh my gosh I have been so confused on all of this privacy policy stuff and what in the heck is going on with my not getting your comments left on my post into my email!!!!

I am not a computer expert in any way.  There are so many more of you out there that get this stuff so much better.

Since I have had a lot of people contact me about all of this since I put this issue up on my last post I thought I would clear up a few things I have learned since then and share it with all of you in this post.

Ok apparently we all have to have a privacy policy embedded on our blogs.  So I have done that with some help.

Here are a few places you can go to make up your privacy policy and add it to your blog.  I did mine on my blog in my header through adding a gadget on blogger.  For word press I am not sure.  Maybe if you are on word press you could contact another blogger on there that has done this to see how they put it on their blog.

The two sites that I know of are:



Thank you Julie from Creative Lifestyle for sharing these.  Very helpful.

Apparently EU residents are  residents that are part of the European Union outside of the United States.  Not sure which countries this all involves but these people that read our blogs will automatically see the cookies footer.  Blogger has taken care of that automatically. 
From what I have been  told the privacy policy is most important and Google put up a banner that targets EU residents too, so supposedly we don’t need another cookie banner. 

The EU is being strict on the law that we must inform those readers about the cookies.  Apparently this is not a law in the US yet so by me putting the cookie footer on my blog was probably over kill!!!!!

Now for the email issue with blogger.  When you leave a comment on my post it usually would then come into my email and I could then respond to your questions or comments that way.  It was a perfect system.  

For whatever reason that is not happening anymore.  I have heard they are trying to fix this issue.  

So I want to let all of you know.  I so appreciate when you come on to my blog and leave me comments.  I have always loved that I could respond back to all of you through email.  I could answer any questions and most of all share friendship and let you know I read your comment and appreciate your kindness that you left through the comment.

So until that gets fixed if it ever gets fixed!!!!!  If you come back to my blog after leaving a comment I will reply to you on the post.  If I have your personal email I will then try to respond to your questions or comments that way.  

Please know I appreciate your taking time to leave your comments and share your thoughts.  It means a lot to me.  So until they get this issue fixed I will still try to check back to my posts and comments and leave replies there.

Hope this helped some of you that are like me and get so frustrated and confused with this stuff with blogging.
I wish they could just leave well enough alone.  I guess like everything else in life things have to change!

Have a great rest of the week.  


  1. This is really a mess, I am with you, I put mine in a gadget on my header.

  2. Hi Kris. I had stepped away from my blog to be with my husband as he recovers from his surgery. Thanks for the heads up. I did see the notification from blogger regarding the EU, but had no idea about the disclosure policy. I too put mine in my header. Jeez, one might need a legal degree to be sure they checked the right boxes!! So appreciate you passing this along. Like you, technology is not my friend.

  3. I am so glad that you did this post and it's really helpful to bloggers like me!! Thanks for the mention. Hopefully it won't be perminent for the email issue. In the meantime we will keep each other posted on any further info.
    Thanks Julie xo

  4. Thank you for telling us about this issue, Kris - I had no idea how to add this disclosure to my blog! I have the same problem as you - comments aren't coming through my email anymore. So frustrating.

    Re your previous post...I can't wait to see what you and Terry do with your front walkway. We are on hold with our front walkway and porch right now, because we're not too sure about our contractor's idea. We've been driving around looking at other people's front areas, but haven't found anything that resembles ours or what we like. So now I have to search online.

  5. Kris, it is helpful. I should have written a post on all of us this. I have been Assisting bloggers with this very same thing. Definitely no need for cookie consent, since Google built one in our blogs. Yes, you all need a privacy policy. Also make sure your subscribers from the EU give their consent. if you use MailChimp, they have a GDPR addition. I know Feedburner is no long supported.

  6. I imagine the email setting got deleted when Blogger dumped the Open ID option. What a pain but another nail in the coffin of my blogging days. Have a wonderful evening Kris! xox

  7. Thank you, Kris.

    I have ignored the whole danged issue, haha. It is so annoying sometimes when they make changes. This was helpful. I may heed your advice myself soon. Just wanted to thank you and send a hug or three. ♥

  8. Yes!! you are right.. everything is in a big mess.. I'm also net getting the comments.. :(

  9. Oh my gosh Linda you need to do s post. You are so great at understanding this stuff. Thank you for all your help.

  10. I have no idea what is going on---I don't even know what cookies are! I'm hoping it all goes away soon!


  11. Thank you so much for sharing the links about the privacy policy. I've been struggling to get my blog set up for this and your links will be very helpful!

  12. Hi Kris! I think I pressed "the button" when this privacy policy notification came to me a few days ago, but I never used to get the comments in my email.....now I'm CONFUSED!

  13. I've the same problem with the mails too. This is really a mess

  14. What a pain. I don't have this with Wordpress. Thank goodness I have my own IT man with John.


  15. It is all so confusing Kris and most of us only have a handful of readers from over there.

  16. Sigh, I've been traveling and I knew about this but have yet to understand it all.
    Blogging has become so much work. Thank you Facebook for muddling up our lives.

  17. Thank yo so much for your help with this. I've been trying so hard to figure everything out. This is so confusing. Going to make a tab for this now.

  18. Thank you for helping with this, Kris. I really appreciate it!

  19. Isn't this just beyond frustrating?? I wondered why I wasn't seeing comments from my blog in my email anymore and googled it and found others talking about and explaining what was going on. Dang! Thanks for adding more clarity to the situation, Kris! Happy weekend!

  20. Hi Kris,
    I am slowly catching up, the Graduation and Graduation Party was a busy time for me. I appreciate your words of wisdom here.

  21. Blogging is for sure getting more complicated these days! Have a great day Kris!

  22. What a headache all this has been. I wish they would fix the comment issue.

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