Murphy Bed

I know you all have been waiting to see the new Murphy Bed.  Well here it is.!

  Some of my pictures are going to look grainy because no sunshine, just rain for us this weekend.

First thing we did was to buy the Murphy Bed Kit.  I got ours on Ebay.  It was about $250

The kit comes in all the sizes from Twin to King.
Plus it tells you how to make the wood frame and mattress frame of the Murphy Bed.
Easy Peasy Right?!!! Well for Terry it was!

We built the frame to look like a cabinet in the room. 
We used closet folding doors for the front of this faux cabinet. 
The front of this is actually the bottom of the bed when folded down.

These springs on each side are what hook to the base and allow a nice easy motion for the bed to fold down.

Then Terry added crown molding to the top of the cabinet and a base molding for the bottom of the cabinet to make it look a little more polished.

We got a 10 inch cabinet drawer pull at Lowe's to use as the handle to pull down the bed.
Once you start to pull down the bed you can see the legs are folding up.

You just pull down the legs to secure the bed.  When you are done with the bed you just fold them back up over the mattress.  Very easy.

I ordered an online memory foam mattress from Sears that was not expensive and had all 5 star reviews. 

It is pretty comfy. 

It came in a tall long box and I thought how the heck is this a mattress? 

It is vacuum packed like those space bags for storage provide.  So you release the plastic covering and you have a beautiful full mattress.  Pretty cool and very comfy.  

I put on soft sheets and a coverlet and my bed is ready for guests. 

FYI: Terry attached the frame of the cabinet to the wall.  You can do this in the stud of the wall or at the base board. 
Just gives a little extra security when you are pulling down the mattress.

In this picture you can see the springs in each corner of the frame.  They attach to the base of this bed to fold up and down easily. 

We chose a Horizontal bed frame whick works better in this room layout. 
You can also do a Murphy Bed in a Vertical pull down.  The horizontal did not take up as much room when folded down.

I added my Madonna's and angels to the top of the cabinet.  I wanted sweet angels to watch over my guests as they sleep.

Now I have a queen bed in my 3 in 1 room.  I am looking for a cute lamp for the side table.

This room that is 12 X 10 is a guest room, makeup area and office area. 

When you live small you have to be creative with your space to get full use out of every square inch.

Wish it was not so dreary with rain the last few days.  I could have captured some better pictures. 

I am doing a few other changes to this room so hopefully when I get those done I will have some sunshine for picture taking. 
Then I will show you more how this bed is so cool in this room.

Have a great Sunday and wonderful week ahead.

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Create, Bake, Grow and Gather Party

Fall Kitchen

Hi Everyone.
Before I share some of my Fall Kitchen I have to show you why I cannot start the fall decor outside just yet.

Still seeing summer hanging on in the front of the house.

This is how my flower boxes looked back in May when I planted them.  You could see the flower boxes!

This is my flower boxes at the end of September trying to hang on.  They are so lush still and have grown down to the ground.  You cannot even see the black flower boxes.

My bike is still going strong too.

There are not a lot of flowering plants except for the re blooming of my hydrangea's and a few petunia's and daisy's are hanging on.  

The hosta's are nearing the end and my knock out roses are still going strong.  

We are in the northern suburbs of Chicago so they are saying we could get a frost over the weekend.  If that happens all of these plants will end and Fall will definitely be in full swing. 

I am hoping the greens will continue and I can add some faux fall flowers and pumpkins etc. to the flower boxes.  A little of real and a little of faux for fall hopefully soon.

Here are some of the changes in my kitchen for fall.

You all saw my sweet witch angel that my friend Cil gifted me.  Pumpkins are all around her.

Just simple fall under the kitchen window.

Nothing better than sunflowers and daisies in an old chippy watering can.

I got the cute black and white check bag from a sweet lady that follows my blog. 
I met her and her daughter at a market a few weekends ago. 
They had the cutest booth and I scored this cute bag and some pumpkins.    It was fun to chat with them. 
It is always fun to run into people that say Hey Kris I know you from your blog and was hoping I would see you here and be able to meet you.   That just made my day.  I felt like a celebrity! 
Adding just a few things here and there in the kitchen.
This is the sweet painting I got from artist Julie Norkus at the Vintage Market Show.  Julie said she will make a pretty version like this fall picture for the holidays.  I cannot wait to see what she comes up with.  Then I can switch this out for a lovely Christmas picture.

Julie's art work is so beautiful.  I cannot wait for her Holiday Open House Show at her home.  That will be coming up in November.

I've got my light gray and white pumpkins in my decor for the kitchen.

I think this cherub loves hanging with the fall decor pieces on the shelf.

As you know I live small now but I still like to add a little decor in each room.

It is hard to see the color of the velvet pumpkin in window but it is a soft gray color.  Shooting into  backlighting is hard with this window no matter what time of day it is.

I moved around some of the things on my shelves to make a few changes to my coffee area.

I loved this cute little sign I found at Home Goods.  Ya gotta love Home Goods!

The Murphy Bed is finished and just needs to be painted.  I am loving how it came out.
I will have that post up in the next few days.

I have a new puppy so things are getting done on a much slower schedule now!

Thanks for all your good wishes for our newest fur Angel Buddy.
He is doing really great with the puppy training.

Lost My Mind

Hello Everyone.  Hope the weekend is going great for all of you.

Well I have lost my mind!  Yep! I made a big decision based on my heart and not my mind.  My mind lost and my heart won.

As many of you know that follow my blog we lost  our beautiful rescue Cooper a few years ago to cancer.  Oh how we loved that guy.  He blessed us in so many ways.

Then we took the plunge again and adopted Peggy another rescue basset hound.  Her story was a little different than Coopers.  

We got her and found out she was starving with having so many bad teeth and infections in her mouth.  So we did the surgeries to correct her bad teeth and heavy antibiotics followed to clear up the massive infection. 

Peggy began to eat again and gain some weight.  Shortly after all her surgeries we began to see she was exhibiting a lot of anxiety and separation issues from me.  We tried everything with her and nothing worked for months.  It was heart wrenching to come home from just going to the grocery store for an hour to find her worn out from pacing and throwing up and panting from anxiety attacks.  So the next step would have been to drug her and I did not want to do that to her. 

  So what to do?!!!

My smart and wonderful Vet said since she came from only knowing  being in a pack of dogs she probably was missing being with a pack to feel secure.  She made me her pack leader and since there were no other pack animals beside me home with her she would freak out with anxiety.

So the Vet suggested finding her a home where there were more kids and family members so she could find a pack again.

I thought long and hard on this and finally thought as hard as it was going to be to give her up and how heart broken I was over this I wanted her to have a good life.

So we found through divine intervention a wonderful home where there were three kids and a mom and dad home with her.  She is thriving now.  No anxiety and she loves this family especially the kids.  Her new pack.  

With all of this said Terry and I still missed her and having a dog.  We have had dogs all our married life.  So it just did not feel right in our home about not having a dog.

We told ourselves we would take a break with all the other things going on in our lives to maybe again some day dream of having another sweet fur angel in our lives.

  We would see people walking their dogs and just sigh and say someday, someday soon.  For now we need to be strong and be patient.

Then I get an email from Coop's rescue saying they were in desperate need of fosters.  They wanted me to take on a foster or two!!!!

I said I will have to think about it.  I knew if I fostered I could never give up the dog when they found a home.

Ok finally after that long read this is where I have lost my mind.  Gone off the rails and over the edge!!!

 I would like to introduce you to Buddy our newest little family member.

This is Buddy when we got him on Friday from the breeder fostering him.

He is a 6 month old dachshund pup.  Isn't he beautiful.  I have never seen a cream dachshund before.

This is my daughters little doxie Snickers.  She is a mini and what is called a reverse dapple.  Her markings are rare in the dachshund world. She is so tiny compared to the regular size doxie like Buddy.

So now Buddy will have a new playmate with Snickers already in our family.

He is giving you a profile shot here.  Did you notice that someone is taking over my lounge chair!!!  Hmmmm just sayin!!!!

So far he has been a great little boy.  It is a training session for both him and us with him being a puppy.  Patience is the name of the game.  Patience is not my best suit,  but I am trying!
Ok get this fun fact!  Beauty Rest make dog beds.  We got this one from Home Goods for Buddy.  He loves it. 

I have to say I laid in it in the Home Goods to check it out and it is pretty comfy. 

Yep! I laid right down in this in the middle of the doggie section of Home Goods.  I figured if I love it he would too!

So our new little man will be training Terry and I !!! and becoming a great little addition to our family.

I wanted to wait to do something like this again but is there really ever a good time to add a new member to your family?  We are always busy with our lives and he is just going to help us to slow life down some.

So you might see  Buddy showing up in some future posts.

Terry is almost done with the Murphy Bed.  It is not a hard project just time consuming.  We have had a lot of interruptions too.

Hoping to have that post up this week for you.

Wow!!!!!! Shortest Running Post Ever!!!!!

Oh My Gosh!!!! All three of the angels sold this morning after the post went up.  

Thank you sweet angels in blog land for supporting this cause and adopting these sweet angels.  You are rock stars.  

I am blessed to know you quickly came with  your generous hearts.  

This is going to a really wonderful cause.  Your angels will be a reminder of how you are helping battered and abused women and their children begin new lives.

The two Wren's have been sold.  They are leaving to their new homes tomorrow.

Grace is moving on to a brand new home.  Her proceeds will help out so much.  I know Susan and her mom will be so excited to have the money coming to help out their cause. 
Home Sweet Hope.
Thank you all for all the prayers and good wishes for these women trying to begin their lives over in a safe home with their children.

Have a great rest of the week.  I have a little surprise post that will come up this weekend.  Stay tuned.


PS: Just found out this morning that the proceeds from this sale are going to buy a stove for a women and her children that have not had a stove in their home.  They have been cooking meals on a hot pad.  So this is going to make a big difference for them.  Thank you dear angels for your help.