Doors and Chippy Whites

Hello Everyone.
Happy Weekend.

Lots going on for us this weekend.  It is the start of Fire Prevention Week so Terry is having a big open house at the Fire Department today.  All the citizens that want flu shots will be able to get them for free at the open house.  I love that they offer these up for anyone to come and get them.

They also will have food and games for the kids and tours of the fire house and fire trucks.  My grand girls love to come to this.  So it should be a fun family day for us too.

Meanwhile back at the blog I wanted to show you some pictures of how mixing wood with whites and chippy can make for an interesting change in decor.

Also want to talk about doors and the use of doors in my decor.  

For a lot of you that have followed my blog you know how I love an old door.  The history that is attached to old doors captures me every time!  

I always think about where that door was and how many families went through that door when it was attached to their homes.  Call me crazy but I love old pieces like doors with lots of history.

I love to re love them into my home in some way to give them new purpose.

Ok here we go.  Look at how sweet just adding some white linens and a white pitcher of flowers on this nice old vintage wood chair looks.  I love texture of natural wood with whites.

This bathroom is another example of how adding the wood sink and wood bathroom door gives all the whites in the narrow bathroom a beautiful texture.

Swooning over that brick wall on this porch but she also has mixed the butcher block counters with her whites.  Just looks so amazing.

This is one of my favorites I saw on Pinterest.  These old doors made into a cabinet door for this medicine cabinet.  Swooning on this one.

I love the idea of an old door instead of a shower curtain in the bathroom.

Yep! look at this chippy goodness.  Ahhhh!

Going back in time to our lake Zurich home and the old chippy doors and porch posts Terry made into a wall divider for my office area.

Remember when Terry and I found these old cabinet doors at a flea market and he made them into doors for my china cabinet. 

There is our sweet Libby girl.  She died right before we moved.  Miss her and loved her so much.  We got Cooper shortly after Libby died when we moved into the new home.

I have loved these old doors made into a headboard and have lugged those heavy things from the last two house to the one we are in now.  I loved them that much. 
This was what they looked like in our Lake Zurich home.

This is how they look today in our new cottage home.

This door was a great fine and I loved it for a back drop in our last home behind the buffet.  Just chippy goodness.  That door is now hanging in my daughter's home.  Hmmmm I  wonder if I have a purse big enough to steal... I mean borrow that back!!!!

This door gives so much character to this office area.

Look at the creativity of using old doors to make a closet door.  Oh love this so much.

I was able to use this old door and have it become a slider for my closet.  Gives me so much more room in this tiny master bedroom to not have the door swing open.

Just another good use for an old door.

If I had this great bathroom I would live in there! Seriously!!! Look at the roller feet on the doors.  Love it!

I used an old door and put a mirror in it to use as a back drop to my bathroom sink in the old house.
This was in my old laundry room where I used old wash boards for cabinet doors.

Here is my pretty mirror door that Terry used old salvage pieces to make.  Remember I said I was trying to figure out how to decorate this.  Well I am still at a loss for what to do with it.
The simplicity of the wings is good for now.

With that said,  I still feel when I look at this door it needs something to give it more character in this room. 

I have a plan and I am going to run it by Terry and see if it is possible.  I will be back to show you the idea I have for this door.  Maybe if I give this door more character I can then decorate it easier. 

Not sure if that is why I am frozen on ideas to decorate this sweet door.  Maybe with me changing it up some that will be all it needs in this room.  Stay tuned I hope to work on this soon.

That is once things slow down for us!  Seems like every weekend we have a million things going.

Have a good weekend.
Just wanted to pop into your mail boxes and say Hi.



  1. Kris, I think I have said this many are the queen of doors. :):) I always loved the little office Terry helped you create with all those sweet old doors. Love your headboard of doors too. Can't wait to see what you come up with on the mirror door. So good that there flu shots for people to come to the open house. Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie
    p.s. I like to think that Libby and Cooper are together. :)

  2. I am crazy about old doors too!, but I have never done anything clever with mine like you. My favorite idea of yours is that bathroom sink. Oh My! But there are so many!

  3. Such great images you have here....
    I love at least some natural wood in an all white room...certain woods I really like but I'm not a fan of too much of it...but just a few pieces looks amazing.

  4. My hubby is gearing up for fire prevention week too. Such a busy time of year for fire fighters. I love thinking about the history of doors too. So many interesting ways to decorate with them. And how neat is your old laundry room with the washboards!

  5. It sounds like a nice event and allowing people to get flu shots at the event is a great idea.

    So many pretty images. I can't believe you are having trouble with decorating that piece. Seems unusual for you. If your idea works can't wait to see.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    Hugs to Buddy


  6. I too have a weakness for old doors. The one in our upstairs hallway was once the restroom door at a bar. Let's just say painting it was VERY interesting!!! I love all your old doors, you always make them look so pretty!!!!

  7. GOod morning my dear! I will be back via email, but like you, I share a love for old architectural pieces. There is so much history in the carving, design and wood found in old house parts, and it's amazing to be surrounded by such works of art. The doors really add so much fun. Back later in email!

  8. Oh my word, all of these doors are amazing.

  9. Wow - such gorgeous inspiration photos!! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend! xoxoxo

  10. Lots of great photos and inspiration Kris. You have quite the eye and you always have your handy dandy hubby. The old doors certainly add character. Happy Sunday. Hugs

  11. All so beautiful, Kris. You will come up with something just right for your newest door. I really love your closet door. Such a super idea for a small room, plus it just looks good! Happy Sunday dear friend..xxoJudy

  12. I have just recently fallen in love with chippy whites and woods.

  13. Yep, I'm with you. Just always wonder what life happened around those old doors. Love all your samples. I love my barn closet door too. Definitely saves room!

  14. Kris, I have a weakness for old doors as well. I have them strung around my home. The character and chippiness is what draws me in!

  15. Oh Kris, I remember the photos you have taking of your other houses. I love the white and the old doors. You are so lucky that you and Terry can work together to make your houses beautiful. Sounds like you are busy in a good way. Enjoy the week.

  16. I love old doors also...they have so much charm and character! We have 2 in this house but I'm hoping to add more! Love the pics and especially like seeing photos of the new place! Love and hugs!

  17. Sounds like the event at the Fire Station was lots of fun! the chippy doors and going down memory lane with you....Barn doors are great, but I think using antique doors as barn door is even better!

  18. I can’t imagine anyone who doesn’t love an old door! They’re so beautiful, and certainly add a lot more character to a space than the cheap, generic doors so prevalent now. I’m wondering what that creative brain of yours is thinking up for that door of yours? Don’t keep us waiting too long now, ya’ hear?

  19. Hi Kris,
    How was the weekend? It sounds like a grand event.
    I enjoyed all the ideas with you, it was a fun tour. :-)
    Thank You to Terry for his service!!!

  20. It was fun reading this round-up with all the gorgeous doors. I enjoyed seeing all of yours, too, Kris! I hope y'all had a great weekend with the grands at the event. Did you get your flu shot? I got mine a couple of weeks ago.

  21. I have many of those pretty pictures pinned myself. While my own house is mired in color, I adore the white and natural wood look...and no one does it better than you!! xxoo

  22. Hi Kris
    How about adding more plain simpler hooks on each side of the door turning the door into a hall tree where you can’t hang old hats or art from it. You could even add a shelf and corbels above the mirror giving you a shelf to display off of. Excited to see what you share next.
    By the way, I went and read about your Murphy bed, I’ve slept in one firba long weekend years ago and it was really a space saver to the room I stayed it that had a fifa in it like a ltttle den. Love your Murphy bed and you are utilizing your space beautifully.

  23. Ps... love all the inspiration doors, I too have a door thing, just wish I could find the ones I’m looking for.

  24. I too love old doors. I have a set of smaller French doors on either side of my couch standing behind the end tables. A recent find is a smaller 5 panel door with raw darker wood showing behind a creamy white, again just leaning in an alcove in my office space. Currently I have a syrco type sconce hanging on it, but thinking about changing that out for a picture. As usual you are such an inspiration, not only in the décor category, but for your family values. Can't wait to see what you have planned for your pretty mirror door.

  25. I love old doors. Everything look so bright and chic

  26. I don't think you're crazy, I want you for a personal designer! And your new mirror door, how divine! I would sit in the room and just stare at it, music playing, a candle burning. Hard to see how you could make it anymore perfect but I've learned to trust your thought process.

    And oh my goodness that door for a medicine cabinet that you included, how amazing is that!

    I have 4 interior doors here that are just plain ugly and 2 that aren't bad, just need some TLC. Must show your doors to RH!

  27. I too love old doors. I used 4 vintage doors to make a closet in my old farmhouse. I have to do a post about it, as I am a terrible blogger. I think a natural element wreath would really compliment your door and even natural greenery garland around the frame of it during Christmas. I also really like your bedroom closet door and except for the color it looks exactly like my narrow 26"bathroom door. Nice pictures.

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