Happy Birthday And A Surprise

Hi sweet blogging friends.

Guess who turned 1 year old today.  Yep! Buddy.

As you can see by the look on his face he was just thrilled to wear the birthday party hat!!!!

I had birthday hats for all of them but no one wanted to wear the party hats. 

However they were all very interested in the Cheeseburger Birthday Cake!

The big guy is Bruce my daughter's Great Dane and in front is Frank their yellow lab and my youngest daughter's mini dachshund Snickers to the left.
They all joined in to sing Happy Birthday to Buddy.

The candles were lit on the special cheeseburger birthday cake and we all began to sing.

Then with the help of Terry,  Buddy made a wish and blew out his candles. 
They all could not wait for their special piece of the Cheeseburger Birthday Cake!!!!

Now for a Special Surprise.

This was our grand dog Charlie. 

He was a Boston Terrier and brother too Bruce and Frank.
We lost our sweet Char Char in December. 

He was 13 years old and began having issues with Congestive Heart Failure.
Charlie's doctor did everything he could to make him comfortable but we finally had to say our goodbyes to this sweet angel back in December.

 Oh how we miss him so.

My granddaughter Abby is turning 9 on May 18th. 
Abby has been missing her sweet Charlie so much that Terry and I decided to surprise her with a sweet new Boston Terrier Pup for her birthday.

  This is a picture I captured of her face as she found out she was going to pick out a brand new puppy. 

We told her we were going to a near by house to  pick up a  trampoline we bought for the back yard.

 Abby  has been asking for one for her birthday.

We told Abby we were going to take her to look at the trampoline to make sure she liked it.

As we pulled up to the house she said oh look MiMi they have Boston Terrier's like Charlie! 

I said oh my gosh you are right.  How fun is this they have Boston's like Charlie.

Then to her surprise when we got to the back of the house she saw all the puppies and we said sorry no trampoline but you get to pick out a puppy instead!!!!

As you can see by her face above she was so surprised and excited.

This is the sweet little one she picked out.  She is just 4 weeks old today and will not be ready for her forever home until May 6th.  

Abby is beyond excited to be getting this sweet new addition to their family.

Abby of course wanted to take her home today but we explained how she still needed to be with mommy for another month.

Here she is with my SIL who loves big dogs. 

This is why they have Bruce the Great Dane and Frank the Yellow Lab. 

Well these two boys are going to be getting a little sister in about a month. 

I think this sweet little girl is going to keep those big boys in line!!! Plus I think she already has my SIL wrapped around her little finger!

She is just too adorable for words. 

Boston Terriers are such smart and loyal dogs. 

Charlie was one of the best doggies and we all miss him. 

Hoping this sweet girl will fill that void in our hearts from missing Charlie so much.

I think Abby agrees this a much better birthday present than any trampoline could be.

Have a wonderful rest of the week and great weekend.


  1. Happy birthday, Buddy,and VERY many happy returns!! You don't yet know how lucky you were to pick the forever family you did ~ you will ALWAYS be loved!!
    And to the sweet baby BT ~ you are a lucky one too!
    Hugs and cuddles to all ~

  2. LOL.....that cheeseburger treat, I bet those guys wolfed that down in a hot minute!!!!!! And Buddy, goodness, he is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!! TERRY! Hey guy, how are ya?

    Kris, that is way too darling and to see your grand so happy with that darling new pup, what a joy. I was smiling the entire post. That's what a blog post should do, make you happy and walk away knowing that there is a lot of love happenin' in a family! YOU really know how to surprise. Have a fantastic day, you wonderful human being YOU!

  3. Oh my what a precious story - family pets are such a profound addition to our lives and they live with us forever. The smile on that little girl's face is a beautiful way to start the day - Thank you Kris!

  4. Kris, Abby is a cutie pie...she will love that puppy more than any old trampoline. Good thing Terry was holding the burger cake. LOL. Funny how your SIL is holding the puppy. But his smile is accepting of the small dog. Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie

  5. Awe, look at that sweet puppy and her sweet smile. Y'all are the best grandparents!
    Happy Birthday, Buddy!!

  6. Awwwwwwwwwwwww!! How cute is that??! Happy Birthday Buddy and what a sweet little pup that is. Enjoy!

  7. How sweet, Kris! So sorry about Charlie, but it's pretty certain the best way to fill that hole is to find another fur baby to love. Abby will treasure her new furbaby, I'm sure, especially since MiMi and Pops gave her to her! I love Buddy's birthday party too. Heck, I could easily go for a cheeseburger birthday cake myself!

  8. Happy Birthday Buddy. I can't believe it's a year already. Abby is so happy. That smile says it all. You and Terry are such special grandparents.


  9. Happy birthday to Buddy. Dang, those cheeseburgers look good! Awe...precious new girl for a precious girl! Don't get any better than that. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  10. Happy Birthday to Buddy! Love that cute cheeseburger cake. And I think you both just won the award for the best grandparents EVER!!! What a lucky little pup to get picked by your family.

  11. You guys are such awesome grandparents! The look on Abby's face is priceless. As for Buddy, what a lucky guy to get a cheeseburger cake and celebration with his doggy cousins.

  12. Happy Birthday Buddy! Now I don't know who is cuter, Abby or the new pup! Equal I think. Wonderful surprise to your granddaughter.

  13. that photo with Terry and all the dogs is the BEST! I think my Mac will get a birthday cake just like that for his July 4th birthday. Love this!

  14. Happy Birthday Buddy!!! The cheeseburger birthday cake is just adorable!!! Your new little grand dog is sooooo cute too! Congratulations!!!!

  15. How sweet of you and Terry! Her smile is precious once she saw the puppies. And that Buddy could be an Instagram star. He's that cute.

  16. Oh my goodness, I love everything about this post!! Buddy's party is the best, the guests and the cake are just too much. And that puppy? How darling. I know that she is getting a great home full of love...and WAY better than a trampoline!!! Enjoy those fur babies. Now I want a puppy!

  17. Ha, ha, ha....cheeseburger (birthday cake) how apropos...cute post. The baby BT is adorable. Clearly you are all dog lovers, who isn't? Sandi

  18. Ha, ha, ha....cheeseburger (birthday cake) how apropos...cute post. The baby BT is adorable. Clearly you are all dog lovers, who isn't? Sandi

  19. So many adorable doggies! And Happy Birthday to Buddy! Love the cheese burger "cake"! Is he a dachshund? I have never seen one this color...we have 2 standard red/brown ones. Our fur babies bring so much joy into our lives, don't they?

  20. Buddy birthday bash! Cute! And the new pup for the girls is adorable. They will enjoy it so much. There were 4 of us siblings so my dad brought home a dachshund as he said we could all pet it at once since it was long! LOL

  21. Happiest Birthday wishes to Buddy! Boy that cheeseburger cake looked mighty delightful! How sweet of you to get her the Boston Terrier pup! How fun that Abby could pick out the one she wants too! I think this will go down as the best gift ever from Grandma and Grandpa!

  22. Happy birthday Buddy! We almost share the same birthday. I have been celebrating mine today - 4th April! I LOVE the birthday hats and birthday cake! How very lovely for your granddaughter to be getting that adorable puppy - I can see that there will be lots of happy and fun times to come. Hugs Gilly xx

  23. Happy first birthday to Buddy! So cute how you celebrated with all the dogs and had cheeseburgers. Great to see pictures of your hubby...how is he feeling from his back surgery? What a thrilling surprise for your granddaughter to be getting a new Boston Terrier puppy for her upcoming birthday!

  24. your granddaughter is such a little sweetheart, she looks like she's ready to love on that new precious little pupster. What a wonderful thoughtful birthday surprise. Buddy is so cute, glad he had a happy happy cheeseburger Birthday!

  25. Hi Kris, happy birthday Buddy. How sweet to surprise your sweet granddaughter with a new puppy. Priceless. The cheeseburgers were appreciated, I am sure. Very cute party. I hope Terry is feeling better. I am diving into blogging and trying to get caught up. i so appreciate your prayers and thoughts. I am so much better now, not completely, but better. Hugs

  26. OMG ..THis is such a HAPPY BIRTHDAY for your Abby... He little heart is jumping for JOY ... Wonderful pictures to capture all the sweet birthdays .... This was a fun post to read..Thanks for sharing...Hugs

  27. Happy birthday!!! What a sweet surprise to your granddaughter

  28. Oh, how I love Boston Terriers! My friend Nadine has two, and they are full of personality! Your granddaughter's facial expression is priceless. So happy you documented it and shared it with us. Happy Birthday to Buddy!

  29. Happy Birthday to Buddy! He is so cute and I'm glad he had a great birthday party! Boston Terriers are so special to us...both of my sisters have them (or had)...one passed away last month, makes me so sad! I love that sweet little face...I know Abby was so excited...I would be thrilled to bring that little pup home! Love you sweet friend and hope you and Terry are feeling better!

  30. Oh my gosh what a wonderful surprise, Kris!! She's such a cutie pie, and sweet Buddy is going to be a grandpa!!! :)

  31. awwww, what a sweet and happy post. So so glad her birthday was a good one... Her new little pup is sooo adorable...and glad your little dog had a party, too....

  32. OH MY GOODNESS! How time flies -- sweet little Buddy looks adorable with all of his 'buddies' celebrating his big day! LOL - the cheeseburger cake cracked me up. If I gave that to Hudson, I believe we'd see it come back in a not-so-nice form haha! And that adorable little baby . . . OH MY GOSH SHE IS SOMETHING ELSE! I love Bostons -- they are adorable dogs. What a great surprise!

  33. LOL...that Buddy makes me LAUGH!!!!!! Oh Kris, give him a squeeze for me, OK?

    Thank you dear kind friend for coming to visit my blog post today. Yes, years ago that seed was planted for friendship and the "watering" of kind exchanges, enthusiastic vintage finds and ideas and plotting and planning and everything in between has given us a garden of friendship. Thank you dearest heart.

  34. Happy Birthday to Buddy. I love the cake idea. So much fun.

    Abby's birthday is the same as our Atticus, May 18 th and he will be 17. He is also thinking of going into the Wisconsin National Guard as he as watched Sam take on the challenge.

    Oh my, you know how I feel about Boston Terriers. :-) Our Molly was so loyal, she only wanted to please us. I do miss her. And seeing the photos of this cutie, oh my, it has me thinking. Does Abby have a name picked out for her new puppy?
    I agree, the best birthday gift!!

  35. Happy birthday Buddy - looks like you celebrated in style! How exciting for your granddaughter (and the entire family!), such a cute pup. Jane

  36. Happy Birthday,Buddy! Looks like you had a fun party! Happy surprise to Abby! What an adorable Boston baby! I'm sure she can't wait to get her home! You know how much I love my two! They are such sweet little dogs and so smart! Much better than a trampoline! A happy day for everyone! Hugs!

  37. How fun. You are too much fun, Kris. I'm so excited for sweet Abby.

  38. Happy Birthday dear Buddy. You look very darling in your party hat. I love the "cheesburger" cake as I imagine all the pups did too. Oh, Abby must think you are the best grandparents! You can tell she is a little bit happy about the whole idea..Happy Monday..xxoJudy

  39. Oh Kris...
    What a sweet story and post. And such fun grand parents you are! Your family will remember this special day forever. I love the look on your granddaughter's face when you tell of here surprise! So precious ... and that adorable little smooshy faced puppy. Oh my will she be loved... a new grandpuppy! ;) How wondeful that we were able to share in those special moments. Thank you. Have a happy weekend.


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