Happy Halloween

Hello sweet blogging friends.  
Not sure if I should be saying
 Happy Halloween or Merry Christmas!

Hmmmm is it Halloween or Christmas?! Hard to tell with the snow we got over night and today!

Even my little garden cherub looks confused!

Not sure how many trick or treaters we will get with how cold and snowy it is here in Illinois.

Hope you enjoy all the witches, ghosts and gobblins out tonight.

Terry and I are leaving tomorrow morning for a Michigan weekend get away.
 Hoping we would be seeing all the pretty trees changing colors on our trip. 
Have a feeling we will be seeing more of the white stuff.

This is the cute little guest cottage we will be staying in.
Sweetly decorated for being on the lake.

The Found Cottage is having their Holiday Open House this weekend while we are there too!!!!

Have a Happy Halloween and wonderful Friday and weekend.


  1. Enjoy your trip!! How fun! I hope you'll share pictures of the Found Cottage Christmas pretties. And I have no comment on the snow. I just can't..xo

  2. Enjoy your trip Kris. Cannot wait to see your treasures. Be safe in this crazy weather.
    Love, Carla

  3. That looks like a lovely place to stay! Sorry about your snow - it's due to hit us tomorrow morning! Blahhhh! -Jenn

  4. Kris, I am wishing you NO snow on your get away. I love that cottage. So darn sweet. I do not like snow at Halloween time. Well you know I just could not talk myself into liking it this soon. LOL. I wasn't ready to give up my autumn. Now it's almost 150 day till spring. Stay warm and enjoy the shopping. Blessings, xoxo,love, Susie

  5. Have a fantastic trip. The cottage looks great. Hope you have shopping success.

    I have no words for the snow. Really, way to soon



  6. Hi Kris - have a lovely 'get away' - such a sweet cottage. Hope Autumn glory is everywhere.

  7. Brrr! Hope your holiday is perfect (and with warmer weather!!) xoxox

  8. So surprising. I guess your winter came early. Have a nice getaway. I am sure you will share your weekend away. Hugs

  9. Have a wonderful weekend, even in the snow. And that is by far the sweetest pumpkin smile I've ever seen in your first photo! The snow even adds to the sweetness.

  10. Have fun Kris and stay warm. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  11. Crazy weather. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Such a cute cottage. xo Laura

  12. Have a great time regardless of the weather! Wish I could go with you.

  13. Oh, Kris. You lucky girl, snow and a trip to Found Cottage. Don't you feel bad for me sitting here with the lights out? Well, except for the Found Cottage trip, we are probably in the same bad shape. We are back with power on now and having great weather, so maybe it will stay around longer this time. Have a great time and buy a lot of some pretty stuff..Happy Weekend..xxoJudy

  14. OH KRIS! Everything about this getaway and shoppe is SO YOU (and ME!) - Enjoy every deserved minute of your vacation my friend!

  15. C R A Z Y . . . I couldn't believe how heavy it was coming down! Very sad :( The only good thing is that most of our leaves came down too so we'll do a big yard clean up once it dries out! Hope your weekend getaway is peaceful (and no snow!).

  16. It's so crazy the weather and too early for snow. Hope you are having a fun time away.

  17. Snow in October should be illegal! Love your cute little witch and pumpkins! We're getting a cold front tonight. It's supposed to bring freezing temps! That's something we don't see very often! I started feeling like I was freezing as soon as it dropped to the 70's!!! LOL! Stay warm!