Spring Bunnies

Happy Sunday.  
Hope everyone is fairing well with the stay home isolation. 
Keeping positive and praying the worse days of this virus hopefully will be calming down soon. 
Just happy I have this blog to communicate with all of you.
I like them paired up with my spring potted flowers.

Found these sweet bunnies at Hobby Lobby.
Their soft and sweet faces just make me smile. 

I found this cute little watering can a few weeks ago at Warehouse 55 and added it to my kitchen shelf.

Trying to do some small Spring and Easter decor as we are quarantined. Have a wonderful start to the new week.



  1. Love your spring look Kris. The bunnies are adorable. The kitchen shelf looks so cute and springy.
    We are in this together. Love seeing some sunshine today. Stay safe. Xo

  2. Love the rabbits and the sweet window valance. I hope this won't last long but I fear it will.

  3. Ending soon? And you are a retired nurse? Time to pull your head out of the sand!

    1. Wow I wish you as an Anonymous that hides behind that and do not leave a name or email for me to respond need to pull your head out of the sand. Let me tell you something. My husband is a fire chief and the Emergency Manager for the city and he has been working 14 to 15 hour days with all of this and I volunteer with my daughter's practice to help with this. So before you make any judgements on myself or any other working or retired health care workers you should have your facts straight. Boy I wish I had your email and could communicate with you that way but since your head is in the sand and you are hiding behind anonymous and cannot even put a name to your ugly comment I guess I will have to do it this way. You are not being a kind or considerate person and living by the "we are all in this together". I pray nothing hurts you or your loved ones after being so mean with your comment. Karma is a killer these days. I normally am a calm person and positive but your comment with all my family is sacrificing these past days really angered me. I will pray your heart opens up and you understand the sacrifices my family with two firefighters, two nurses have done to keep you and your families safe at risking our own health. Blogs are to keep things light hearted right now and not be doom and gloom and because I chose not to share all nitty gritty of what my family is doing does not give you the right to say your comment without having all the facts. Keep hiding behind anonymous and no reply. You need to get your head out of the sand and understand how serious this is and how your comment is so ignorant and unnecessary in times like this.

  4. Everything looks lovely. The pic with the shelf over the kitchen window has me wondering if I can put a shelf up!

    I hope Terry is holding up - so many of us can stay safer at home, but he is on the front lines.

  5. Kris,

    I'm so loving the shelf over your sink,such a bright fun spot. Your bunnies are cute finds.

    I've gotten decorating and painting furniture pieces finished. Keeping busy.

    I read the idiotic comment, don't waste a moment of your time with such ignorance.



  6. First of all my friend, your kind and happy character is what we need at this time. THANK YOU for supporting all the people in your family who need such support. Thank you for always finding ways to uplift others. Thank you for being courageous to speak your mind. LOVE YOU!

  7. I like your cute bunnies, the decorated shelf, and the spring flowers. Have a nice weekend and week.

  8. Kris, I love those little sweet bunnies. Wouldn't it be nice if we all had one of those to cuddle up to in these times. I am the happy recipient of a new bunny also, and will share in next post. Your post, as usual, is uplifting and I am happy to be reading it..xxoJudy

  9. P.S. I also forgot to say, bless Terry for his service. He is doing more than just his job as all on the front lines are. We are very fortunate to have them all on our sides..xxoJudy

  10. Your decorating looks so fresh and springy and beautiful, Kris! As for that ignorant, anonymous comment ~ someone is really either very angry right now or else is simply a troll.

  11. I love the rabbits and the kitchen shelf. I haven't done any sprucing up since all this started. I'm feeling fine and appreciate the fact that staying isolated has helped keep me so but ...... BORING.

  12. The bunnies are sweet... so is the watering can..... what kind of white paint do you use on all of your lovlies??? mostly the smaller things as it's all so nice and bright! Your kitchen window with the shelf is just DARLING. Love it so much! I think we forget too that firefighters, emergency teams, Rescue Teams and EMT's are also putting themselves "out there" in harms way, all the time. I appreciate them all so much, as well as the hard working nurses, assistants, MA's and doctors. The entire world is in my prayers. Hugs... Marilyn

  13. Such cute little bunnies!!!
    Stay safe...

  14. Those bunnies are just darling, Kris!! Please stay safe. xo

  15. Kris, you just need to let those bunnies huddle out in that darn snow this morning! Sweet post!

  16. Hi Kris...
    I just wanted to tell you how much I look forward to your blog. I am not a lover of all white but I have found myself drawn more and more to your wee cottage decor. I have enjoyed the new cottage decor that you have so sweetly shared with us...your FRIENDS ...At this critical time your blog has kept our spirits bouyed and a feeling of normalcy has prevailed for us. May God continue to bless you and your family and please know that there are those of us that love you and keep you and yours in our daily prayers. BLESSINGS, LOVE, and GOD'S GLORIOUS LIGHT are YOURS!
    Love and virtual hugs...
    P.S. i love the bunnies...and love your
    Shelf over the sink...and I am crazy about your fence and yard...such a sweet cottage!

  17. Hi Kris,
    Cute as can be.. I love bunnies.
    xx oo

  18. Hi Kris,
    Absolutely love your bunnies, they are adorable and pair nicely with your potted plant.
    Your window and shelf looks great too....
    I always enjoy your blog hon.....it is a bright spot every time we come here, and I
    think we both think it is more important to say and post things that are uplifting
    to others. There is plenty of negativity to be had all over the place, so we just
    choose to be a bright spot to try and counter that negativity. Don't let that one negative voice discourage you......glad you spoke up about it too.
    I shared the Father/Daughter duet from your post the other day on facebook and many
    people really enjoyed it and were blessed by it.....so that's what really matters.
    Love and Blessings,