Early June Flowers

Hello Everyone.  
Thought I would share my early June flowers.  It has been less than a month and I am already seeing my flowers double in size.

My iron planter flowers were barely over the edge of this planter a month ago and now they are down the front and heading towards the ground.  I know by July these will fill in and you will not even see the iron on the planter.

My bags are filling in nicely.  I love these rose impatiens.  They look like tiny roses.

I love that all the bags are doing so well.  I decided to use hanging flower bags on the deck posts this year.

This is what I am most excited about.  My climbing roses are training well and growing up to the middle of the arch sides already.  I am hoping at this rate they will cover the archway completely by August.

I love how many blooms these climbers have.  They will be so pretty once they get up over the arch and fill out.

This is the first time for these hydrangeas out by the picket.  They seem to like it very much too.

The pink petunia's are speading nicely too.

The knockout roses I planted last year have come back and are growing nicely.  I love how many roses these produce and continue to produce throughout the summer and into the fall.

They are doing exactly what I wanted to see them do after I planted them last year.  They are intermingling between the picket fence.  Eventually the roses on both sides will fill in the fence so nicely.

My white petunia plant is going gangbusters on the chippy chair on my porch.  You can barely see the chippy chair.

Petunia's love the weather here in the midwest.  This one has almost doubled in size in the past three weeks.  I am sure by the end of July into August it will be down to the patio floor.
Some of you have asked how I get my flowers to grow so big and beautiful.
I start with a great garden center and then I feed with miracle grow once a week and water everyday.  Sometime I water twice in a day if the temps are hot.
If the weather is decent this weekend I hope to paint the porch and sidewalk.  I think I will be painting it white like the trim.

The only thing that will hold up the painting will be if they start the new roof, siding and gutters on the house.  We had considerable hail damage and our insurance is going to pay to have them all replaced.

I really was not looking forward to a big project like this during the summer months but I guess you have to be on the insurance and contractors schedule. :(

My sweet little cottage will be getting a true makeover.  I hope I can protect my flowers during this time.  They told me three days to do all the work.  Hmmm will see about that!

This little cottage will have everything new.  We built the garage when we moved in last July and put in new windows and did all the renovations inside.  We just recently put in a new driveway and deck off the back of the house.  Once the siding and roof and gutters are done this little house will have all her major parts being brand new.


  1. KRIS! OK, where do I even start....first of all, your flowers are so happy! Those bags, I've never tried anything like that and I guess I don't have anywhere to put them, but they are doing so well! I use Miracle Grow every Sunday...what is your secret?

    Your roses....they are doing sensationally! And I woke up to see that my little climber roses opened overnight! This is my first year of having this climber actually reach up and over the arbor and the pink blooms are just fabulous.

    Your home really is looking lovingly and neatly lived in, as if those flowers have been there for a long time.Bravo my friend, your home and garden are winners!

  2. Kris,
    Everything is breathtaking....in your inimitable style! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

  3. Wow, Kris! Thsi could so easily be a magazine feature, home AND garden! Your work has paid off. I'm sad to hear about the hail damage, but glad you'll get some financial relief with the insurance. It makes having that expense worth it.

  4. WOW, your flowers look wonderful!! With all the work you two have done there, you will have a new home for sure. Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  5. Your photos as terrific. You certainly have a way with flowers!! I think I love the iron stand the most. I have one similar that needs a coat of paint...
    Can't wait to see the house with the new siding and roof. Its already adorable!

  6. Kris this beauty took my breath away. Your flowers are gorgeous and I said to myself that chippy chair can barely be seen.

    Your plan for the fence seems to coming along the way you envisioned. Your roses are stunning. The amount of flowers is amazing!!

    Hope you can protect all these beautiful plants. Can't wait to see the new siding.


  7. New roof, gutters and siding! Wow, nice but what a pain! Good luck with protecting your plants - hopefully the workers will be mindful of them. They sure are growing well! Mine were pretty happy until this past week of hot, humid weather. After today, we should return to more normal temperatures. It's just been gross. I wasn't ready for late July/August weather. Love seeing your flowers grow and take over their areas. I think I'm as excited as you are to see your roses cover the arbor! That's going to be stunning! Hugs,

  8. Your flowers are doing wonderfully! Best of luck with the repairs!

  9. Your flowers are fabulous. All of your watering work is sure paying off! What a sweet home you have!

  10. You be the "Wizardess of The Green Thumbs"!! Sinfully gorgeous ~

  11. Kris, I think you are the Flower Whisperer! Hopefully the fellows working on your house will be kind to all your pretty plants. Your arbor will be simply gorgeous when it is covered with roses. xoxo

  12. Your flowers are all looking so pretty and growing so big! Good luck with the new roof, siding, and gutters! Have a nice week Kris.

  13. I envy you having everything new for your little house. What I would give for one window and a new air conditioner. But then that is the perils of renting. Your home is looking so loved and cared for!

  14. This sure looks Amazing. I can't Believe the flowers have grown like this in the short time. You must have a much better climate than we here in Sweden, lol. Your Little house looks just like a house in the fairytale.
    Love Elzie

    1. We have a few months of fabulous weather here in the US Midwest and then it all goes to ick!!! So I enjoy my flowers for as long as they can hold on. Ahhhh Sweden such a beautiful place you live. Big Hugs.

  15. Hi Kris, everything is gorgeous, picture perfect. Hopefully the workmen will be careful, but to be on the safe side remove everything that's close to the house; both flowers and decor. When we had our roof replaced 5 years ago they literally destroyed and damaged so much. Better safe than sorry. It's the nature of the work.

  16. Your flowers are beautiful and the arch covered in roses in awesome.

    I simply love this house you are in now - so much curb appeal.

  17. Everything is beautiful!!!! We've lived in this little old house for 30 years and only within the last 2 years we've replaced the big stuff since we were planning to sell this spring . Covid happened and I was a little relieved, as we decided to stay a while longer. I love this house and its history (just not crazy about living in Baltimore). Anyway.. it's nice to be able to open new windows and enjoy all of the work we've done. Sorry about your hail damage- hopefully it's an easy fix.

  18. Kris, oh my!! Where to start?!! All so beautiful. There might be used a little magic of Miracle Grow and water, but the big magic is all you. I know that some people can use all that stuff and it still doesn't show like yours do. Guess Who??!! I am out of Miracle Grow so have to get more. Question: do you plant those flowering bags or are they already planted when you buy them. I have never seen anything so beautiful. What a great job you and Terry have done..Stay well, my friend..xxoJudy

  19. Stunning, beautiful, gorgeous! Your flowers are clearly very happy, and they have been very well looked after by you Kris! Gosh, I didn't realise that you were due to have all of those repairs done - it will indeed be practically new. Continue to enjoy your garden Kris, and stay safe and happy. Hugs, Gilly x

  20. You are truly the flower whisperer!! Amazing!! I need to invest in Miracle Grow immediately. So pretty....xo

  21. Kris, your flowers look so beautiful. I cannot believe how fast they grow and how big they are. Must be your green thumb. You and Terry have really made this cute cottage over beautifully. xo

  22. Kris, I love your cottage. I love how your gardens are growing.
    We are in a flash flood warning for today. I do pray we do not get bad storms. My gardens need a good drink of rain, but please no storms.

    Stay well,

  23. OH. MY. Your flowers are so amazing, Kris! Do you have a change planned for the house, or just replacing what you have...it's so good insurance covered the hail damage!

  24. Such lovely flowers! It is so wonderful to see the delicacy of Gods beautiful creations.

  25. So, PRETTY PRETTY PRETTY! Love all your flowers, I just shut a window for the storm and saw I had 17 blossoms on my once dead rose bush---LOL, fertilizer does work, and I got that flower bed cleared out early this year! Hugs, tomorrow cooler weather! Sandi

  26. Beautiful beyond words...you have a true gift!

  27. Dear sweet Kris!!!!! Your flowers are just breathtaking already! You definitely have the touch. We have had high 90s for the last week and things are not looking good. J I st received 2vknock out roses and am going to put them in pots so I can move them if it gets too hot.you must talk to them on a regular basis LOL

  28. Wonderful pictures of your beautiful flowers. I have only shade in a small bed in front of my apartment, but it's full of anything I can find that will thrive. I love looking at your paradise. Sandra

  29. You have the most beautiful flowers I've ever seen! I've gotta start using Miracle Grow!

  30. Kris!
    OMG!! Your flowers are amazing!! I planted my flower bags and they are just starting to fill in. We have had crazy weather here...90's in the beginning of the week and now 44 degrees this morning!! Your home and yard are absolutely beautiful!!!

  31. Thank you for sharing your secret of Miracle Grow weekly. I am sure I have asked before, but I can't remember what if any your response was.
    Do you use the standard Miracle Grow or the "blooms" one.
    I use Miracle Grow in the box that you mix with water, but don't have as much success. Maybe it is our differing climates also.
    I will just live virtually via your beautiful blooms. So much serenity in your space.

  32. All your flowers look amazing. So abundant and glorious....
    I love flowers and they just make everything look wonderful........
    Like your new trellis, it is really gonna be pretty once all your roses
    are climbing up, course, it is pretty now too.....Your cottage is so charming
    and cute....and the picket fence is perfect for it too.
    Take care hon,
    Blessings, Nellie