Easter Surprise Smash Bunny Treat


I saw this cute idea on Pinterest.  Yep! gotta love Pinterest and all the wonderful fun crafty ideas for Easter.  Thought I would share my version of this crafty idea.

  I went to Walmart and found these sweet Hops a Lot bunnies.  Walmart also had these cute flags for $1 and I found the smash hammers on Amazon.  

I bought a bag of Easter egg filler candy to add in the bunnies.

My little helper helped pick out the right candies for the Chocolate Bunnies.

You have to add a little Easter cash to the sweets.  I rolled the bills up and put some plastic wrap around them to put in the chocolate bunnies.  If you use the bigger hollow chocolate bunnies you could add gift cards.

I carefully cut the bunny heads off with a very sharp knife.
FYI: I put the bunnies in the refrigerator to have them cold to cut the heads.  The lady on Pinterest warmed her knife before cutting into the chocolate.  I did not do that and they cut off just fine.
You just have to be slow and steady.
Each bunny then was filled with candy and the money.

After each bunny was filled with candy I put a small amount of non toxic Elmers school glue to put his head back on.  You can also heat the chocolate and melt the chocolate head back on that way too.
That seemed like a time consuming and risky way to get the head to stay on.  Elmers school glue is non toxic if a kid were to put it in their mouth and I used just a small amount.  If they were to ingest the little bit of glue it was safe.
I let them dry over night.

I then put each chocolate bunny in a cello bag with the smash hammer and tied it off with ribbon.

This is a fun little Easter Treat that can be put at each place setting for a sweet desert treat after Easter Dinner.  They could also be put into your kiddos Easter Baskets.

This is a fun treat for all ages at Easter.  Fun to smash the bunnies and find the sweet surprises inside.

My sweet little grandson loved visiting the Easter Bunny.
I think this Easter Bunny was getting tired by the looks of his ears LOL!

I have been having fun making up special treats for my family for Easter.

Have a great week ahead.

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  1. Awww Chris so darn cute and clever. Howe fun for the kiddos. Your little grandson is so adorable. Love the bunny ears. I know you are having so much fun creating creative gifts for the family. Thanks for sharing at Love Your Creativity. xoxo

  2. Kris this is an absolutely adorable idea..to ago along with your adorable grandson. You always come up with the best stuff. Somehow you manage to top yourself every year. I bet the kids are all going to go crazy for them on Easter! I hope you have a great week!

  3. you only need to heat a small sauce pan, touch the cut edge of the chocolate enough to melt it a little then stick it back together. Elmer's glue (even if it is non-toxic) would not be my first solution...

    1. Thanks for your input. Probably would have been a good idea with the chocolate heated. The kids probably will not even eat the chocolate bunny. They will have enough candy to eat before the chocolate bunny anyway. The couple of dots of glue will not hurt anyone. We eat worse things in our foods lol! Have a great day and thanks for your visit. Kris

  4. This is darling! What a super fun idea! Pinning to save and share this! Visiting from the Love Your Creativity linkup.

  5. Kris, that is such a cute idea to make the stuffed chocolate bunnies. I know everyone will LOVE them. You always come up with the cutest ideas. Your grandson looks adorable with the Easter bunny.
    Take care Kris and I hope you enjoy the week.

  6. OMG sooooo cute! Love this idea....I"m sure it will be a huge hit with everyone. Your grandson is just adorable too.

  7. Oh my!!! I love it!!!! What a great idea.
    I love the Easter Bunny photo!!! SO MUCH CUTENESS!!!

  8. What a SWEET idea (pun intended). I have not been on Pinterest in forever. The kids are going to love getting those-especially the two little girls....who are not so little anymore. The first time I met you Charlotte was still a baby!
    Not sure what we are doing for Easter this year. We will have to play it by ear. xo Diana

  9. Hi Kris. Such a great idea and so cute I bet the kids will love them. That is the sweetest and cutest little Peeps that I have seen in a long time. He sure is growing fast. Happy Spring, xxoJudy

  10. Hi Kris. I have been having trouble with showing up as anonymous as you might have noticed so think I figured it out so this comment was just a test. xxoJudy

  11. Great idea! A joy for children but also for adults. The Big Rabbit reminds me of the movie Harvey with James Stewart. Memories? Unfortunately I do! It was from 1950, although I saw it much later

  12. Kris, this is SO adorable! I didn't get a notice of this post, but I'm so glad Linda featured it so I could hop over here. Otherwise, I would've missed your Little Man E and what a great idea this was! I hope you're not getting slammed with snow. We are finally out of the freezing morning temps for the foreseeable forecast two weeks out. Happy Easter week to you and your family!