The Story of Pretzel


This is a story about a very sweet basset hound/beagle mix.
I was on the computer one day at looking for some Easter treats for my grand dogs.
Yep! they get baskets too from their MiMi.

This sweet girl came up on the screen.  Thanks to AI.
Kind of creepy how artificial intelligence knows everything about us.

With Terry and I having past basset hounds this rescue popped up and had this sweet girl needing a home.

It has been over a year and half since we lost our last dog Buddy to  neurological issues.  
We were just settling in to life without a dog.

That was hard for us since we have had dogs our whole 44 year marriage.

Then this girl popped on the screen.

I went back and forth for a few weeks thinking about her.
I just could not get her out of my mind.

 I decided to fill out the application and if she was still available we would take the plunge again.

She was still in need of a home.

Then I find out she is located in Georgia and we are in Illinois.
Ok challenge number one to get her.

We worked it out and the Foster mom taking care of her would meet us in Nashville 
Tennessee which would cut off some of the hours to get her.
Challenge number one accomplished.

I was worried about a dog in a condo.  Dogs and condo's do not always go well together.
Noises heard, people living in close proximity etc. etc.

Well this sweet girl never barks says the Foster Mom.  She was living with three cats and two dogs in Foster care getting along fabulously.
She did not get on furniture or beg.  No bad habits only sweetness.  She loved everyone especially kids.
We needed to know she would be good with our grand kiddos and our grand dogs.  We are a close family and we all get together all the time dogs included.  Getting along would be a must.

We drove the 7 hour trip home and this sweet dog slept the whole time in her doggie bed as you can see in the picture.  The only time she was up was when we stopped along the way for food, water and to get out of the car ride.

This dog could not be more perfect.

Here's where her story takes a big turn.
We got her established with out wonderful Vet.
I wanted to make sure she was up to date with shots and make sure she was good and healthy.

When she came to the Rescue in Georgia she was only 20lbs and starving and full of skin and ear infections.
While with the Foster Mom she was treated by the Rescues Vets.  All the infections were treated and she was able to put on 10lbs. 

Our Vet did blood work and looked at all the records from the Rescue Vet and said she was looking great.

 Yay!!! Let's go home and start our lives together.  
We named her Pretzel.
Pretzel now was going to have a forever home with lots of love and she would learn how to get on furniture and beds.  We allow all our dogs to be part of the family and be on furniture etc.  

We had her for a week when things took a turn.
4:30 in the morning Terry and I woke to her having a seizure.  It was scary but she pulled out of it.
I called our Vet when the office opened.

She told us to record everything and since she came out of it we would just watch her for now.  If she were going to have another one in the next 30 days we would have to begin to treat her and figure out why she was having seizures.

Well...... Friday night around 8pm she had another seizure and this one was a Grand Mal.  It lasted more than 3 minutes and was scarier than the first one.
She had a hard time coming out of this one so we took her to an Emergency Vet.
They stabilized her and then admitted her to the hospital to begin anti seizure meds.  She had to stay there  24 hours seizure free to be able to come home.

She did not come out of the blindness that happens in the post stage of a seizure.
That was a big concern it was taking a long time to get her sight back.

Now the thought was she has a brain tumor on top of possible epilepsy.
It would take thousands of dollars to get her into a neurologist.  MRI alone to 
diagnose would have been 3 thousand dollars.
There would be nothing much they can do except treat the epilepsy with anti seizure meds and if it is a brain tumor most are not operable so to spend lots of money would really not give us much except a diagnosis.

There are only a couple of issues in dogs that cause seizures and the biggest two are epilepsy and brain tumors.

I thought here we go again like what we went through with Buddy.
I did not want to go through that again.  
I just do not have it in me to go through having a dog that could possibly only have a short time to live if this is cancer in her brain.
Epilepsy is doable in dogs but they still need medication that are timed out and have to be given on time three times a day.  You cannot miss or be off the time or she could go into a seizure that could end her life.

It gave me such anxiety to think about having to worry about this sweet girl every time we left her alone or having to be set to a schedule  each day.
I am on the go a lot with my grand kids and helping out with my mother in law.
This would a big challenge for our lifestyle. 

To make this really long story a little shorter,  one of the Vet techs at the hospital said she would take her if we wanted to re home her.
Terry and I were in love with this sweet girl so we had to really think on this offer.

I know this Vet Tech would have more access to medications and her care needs.  The Vet tech deals with special needs animals everyday.
With a heavy heart we felt this is where she probably should be for a forever home.
Pretzel would have other animals and two really good dog moms to take care of her.

Terry and I were just suppose to be the bridge to get her from Georgia to her wonderful life with her new family.

I miss that sweet personality and cute face this morning but my heart smiles that she is having a great second chance in life.

Have a great week.


  1. Oh Kris! My heart just sunk when I read on about Pretzel, and how sad that such a perfect dog came with such awful health struggles - but what a blessing that she was able to be rehomed with people who were experienced with special needs animals - it would be so much responsibility to take on! Praying for your sad hearts, and that the Lord would bring the perfect dog your way in time :)

    1. Thanks Marilyn. She is where she is suppose to be and very happy. I do miss her but take comfort in knowing she is in good hands with her health issues and is happy with the other animals. Hugs. Kris

  2. I hope her new mom will keep sharing about her life with you. Patricia

    1. She has our number and will give us updates and keep us posted on her health.

  3. I know God was leading you in your effort to adopt and bring Pretzel into your family. She sounds like the perfect little gal. Sometimes, when we're available to do God's work He uses us in ways we might not understand at the time. You see the big picture in this. Bless you guys for being part of God's plan for this little sweetheart. Sending a hug and prayers for you all. xo

  4. Yep we were just the bridge to get her to her new home. I miss her and miss having a dog but it is just not our time right now. Have a great rest of the week. Hugs. Kris

  5. Kris ~ I'm so sorry you had to go thru this... Hugs to the both of you.
    Your fellow dog lover ~ bobbie

  6. Kris, I can’t imagine the stress that you and Terry have had with this precious dog’s health issues. That breaks my heart. You definitely did the best for Pretzel and she will receive great care. Sending hug, my friend!

  7. Oh, Kris. I am so sorry. I know it must have been a huge shock when that happened. She sounds like such a darling but it is hard taking care of a sick dog and it sounds like the best place for her is at the new home. They will know what to do for her and how to take care of her best needs. I think you did the right thing..xxoJudy

  8. Kris, you are the sweetest and I know how much you really wanted this to work out. I also know how hard it must've been to part with her, but I'm so glad you were able to find such a perfect new home for her. You are a special lady with a big heart. xxoo

  9. Oh, what a sad story, but with a sweet ending for Pretzel. Difficult decisions are always a challenge, but you made the best one for you and the pup!

  10. Aw, Kris. I know how awful this has been for you and Terry. My heart is so heavy for you but I know you did the right thing and you won't have to live in fear of something happening to her under your care. I think God put you in the right place at the right time to act as Pretzel's guardian angel(s) to get her to the place where she will get the most, and best, care.
    Hugs and love to you- xo Diana

  11. Oh no, Kris...I can't believe this about Pretzel. Just as you were falling in love with her! I am so sorry. I hope you can rest easy knowing she is in a loving home with the very best care and that you were the bridge between the foster home and her new home. I think God and the Universe are trying to tell you that another dog just isn't a good fit for you and Terry at this time in your lives. {{hugs}}

  12. My BF is a PHD who works for the ASPCA, and her facts on the breeds of dogs that have been overbred in the dog world are serious at this point. Perhaps you need to think of a mutt---that is crossbred with a few other types of dogs, and where the breeding weaknesses, diseases and anomalies aren't so present. And I would suggest not using that breeder again. Hugs, and I hope you can get over this loss again. Sandi

  13. BIG HUGS!!!! I am still sad about this... but also know you were the bridge!!! You and Terry are just what Pretzel needed!!!

  14. BIG HUGS!!! I am still sad about this... but you were the bridge. You and Terry were just what Pretzel needed!!!

  15. I am very sorry! I hope he can be well. And I'm sorry for you too, but you made the right decision for his sake. And this is love!

  16. Oh, Kris, I know how hard it is when you have a pet and things go sideways. Heartache all around. But you've done so much for her and she has a stable, loving home because of you:) I'm really sorry you had to go through this. We're on our 4th dog in 30 years of marriage. I can't imagine not having one either. When and if the time is right again you will know. Hang in there, friend!

  17. Kris, such a heartbreak to read about Pretzel's seizures and health issues. You and Terry were so sweet to adopt her. It makes perfect sense for Pretzel to be in a home where someone can care for her. You did the right things for Pretzel. Bless your hearts. xoxo

  18. Kris, I'm so sorry to read the story about Pretzel. You have such a big heart and I know you and Terry were excited to adopt Pretzel. I hope you will both heal from this and it's great news that Pretzel will be in a new home where the owners can take care of all her medical needs.

  19. Kris, you & Terry have gone through so much heartbreak with your sweet pups. Pretzel seems like an amazing dog and how wonderful there is someone who can make the medication timing work. That is a very daunting commitment. God bless and heal you both from your loss.